Research instruments

Due to the temporary impossibility to access the Sistema Informativo degli Archivi di Stato, which website is now in update, we retain useful making available some research instruments that are particularly consulted:

  • The research instrument referred to Archivio Gonzaga, which gathers in a single text the descriptions of the fund’s archival units extracted from the volumes Pietro Torelli, L’Archivio Gonzaga di Mantova, Arnaldo Forni Editor, Ostiglia (MN) 1920, anastatic reprint 1988, vol. I and Alessandro Luzio, La corrispondenza familiare, amministrativa e diplomatica dei Gonzaga, Verona 1922, anastatic reprint Mantova 1993, vol. II.
  • The digitalisations of the manuscript indexes , realized by Stefano Davari, relating to Rub. E - Dipartimento affari esteri. Corrispondenza Estera: