Reading room

The research in Archivio di Stato is public and free. In order to ensure a better conservation of the archival documents and an efficient functioning of the reading room, users are required to observe the guidelines. In order to be admitted it’s necessary to show an indentity document and to fill the application form, specyfing correctly the personal data and the research topic.

Users’ applications and orders of archival units are managed by application software.

Orders are allowed for up to 6 archival units per day, as well as up to 6 bibliographical units; for Notorial Registrations indexes the number is extented to up 20 units.

Units are distributed after the request in real time, compatibly with the service requirements, and end 30 minutes before the hall closing.

All funds are immediately available, except the following ones for which booking is required:

    • Archivi degli uffici giudiziari del periodo napoleonico, della restaurazione e postunitari
    • Carte Tazio Nuvolari
    • Castiglioni di Mantova, pergamene
    • Castiglioni di Mantova, mappe e disegni arrotolati
    • Denunce di successione degli Uffici del Registro di Asola, Mantova e Castiglione delle Stiviere
    • Genio Civile. Versamenti pervenuti dall’AIPO, dal Magistrato alle Acque, e dal Provveditorato regionale alle Opere Pubbliche-Nucleo Operativo di Mantova
    • Gridario dell'Archivio di Stato
    • Mappe e tipi di varia provenienza (rolls)
    • Mappe catastali (rolls)
    • Mappe e disegni di acque e risaie (rolls)
    • Senato e Supremo Consiglio di giustizia, banchi e carteggio d'ufficio

Archival units can be booked in the Reading Room in the morning for the afternoon, or one day for the following one, as long as the request is submitted by 12.30 pm. Bookings may alternatively be sent to specifing the date of the presumed consultation.


The documents kept in Archivio di Stato di Mantova are freely accessible, with the exception of those declared confidential pursant to the article 122 of D.lgs. 42/2004. However, for study purposes the academic can ask the acces to those documents for which the expected time lapse hasn’t passed yet, in accordance with art. 123 del D.lgs. 42/2004.


Requests for correspondence may be made, provided that the object is well defined and supported by information to circumscribe the survey. In absence of specific data, the funds and the series which may be useful for a direct research to be conducted in the study room by the interested acadamics will be suggested.

The requests have to be sent through e-mail to: